1963 Twirlers
(1st Picture in this album)

Class of 1963

Most Likely to Succeed: Sue Gibbons & Jerry Clendenny
Class Workers: Irene Pedro & Charles Simon
Best Dressed: Daniel Hotko & Jean Ruffini
Best Dancers: Ray Yarr & Janice Nakiewicz
Most Popular: Jeff Gilchrest & Carole Oxman
Class Musicians: Margaret Ritter & Ray Montani
Best Athletes: Benny Doyle & Carol Murphy
Quietest: Barbara Anderson & Robert Rickes
Class Brains: Bob Atkin & Judy Crispell
Best Actors: Ira Miller & Irene Pedro
Chatterbox: Alan Gates & Marian Ladis
Class Clowns: David Wright & Ellen Soos
Class Couple: Linda Schwartz & Gary Coon
Class Artists: Vicky LaBruno & Bob Armstrong
Class Flirts: Harvey Glazer & Linda Paul
Best Looking: Pete Cruikshank & Janica Narkiewicz
Happy Go Lucky: Ellen Soos & Paul DiGiano
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