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All Class Reunion Florida 2003

April 11-13, 2003 more than 40 RHS Grads from Classes 1939 to 1970 gathered to celebrate the 1st RHS All Class Reunion.

The event was held at the magnificent Grand Hyatt at Rocky Point overlooking beautiful Tampa Bay.

A welcome cocktail party greeted the guest on Friday evening. Saturday a "Best Ball" Golf Tournament was the hit of the day and only interrupted temporarily when we had to send the drink lady for more golf balls and more beer. We drank 'em dry.

Saturday evening was a formal affair and we enjoyed a 5 course meal prepared specially by the Hyatt's Master Chef Hans Hinkle, followed by "dancing to oldies" with Birmingham's (former) #1 Disc Jockey "The Handle man".

Sunday morning brunch was followed by a get together at the Knight's home on Tampa with lunch prepared by cookbook author and cooking show host David Knight. 

Attending the 1st All Class Reunion:
    Arvay, Patty Hirst '65                                      Hallandale, FL
    Caravella, Alfred & Kathleen (Scharfer) '50       Ft. Meyers, FL
    Caravella, Paul '64                                          St. Petersburg, FL
    Dazet, Danny "Diz" '65                                    Belvidere, NJ
    DeReamer, Barry '64                                      Rahway
    Farley, Robert & Pam "Keller" '65                     Morrisville, NC
    Flugrath, John & Kathy "Hirst" '67                     Brick, NJ
    Green, Ellen "Soos" '63                                   St. Pete Beach, FL
    Heckerd, Carol "Wanko" '59                            Holiday, FL
    Horling, Jim & Carol "Mastrangelo" '65              Rahway
    Hirst, Nancy '64                                              Hallandale, FL
    Keller - Korb Gallagher, Barbara '70                Carlsbad, CA
    Knight, LeAnn & CK '65                                   Tampa, FL
    Kovacs, Margaret '39                                      Palm Harbor, FL 
    Kreisberg Joanne & Irwin '66                           Rahway
    Quinzon, Rick & Alex "Teri Zerns" '65               Concord, CA 
    Rokobauer, Robin & Robert '65                        Cocoa Beach, FL
    Schumacher, Bill & Jane "Monteleone" '65         Safety Harbor, FL
    Simola, Lloyd & Carol "Ader" '65                      Brick, NJ
    Stokes, Sandy & Ed "Skip" '64                         Antioch, CA
    Velotti,  "Roselli" '70                                       Rahway
    Wietrzykowski, Linda "Fitzsimmons" '64            Sarasota, FL

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