Class of 1964-66 Christmas Party 2021
Class of 1964-66 Christmas Party 2021
The Rahway News-Record used the banner, “City of homes and industry” to describe our hometown Rahway, New Jersey… blue collar down to its toes. Yet, many who trod the halls of RHS have made an enviable mark; others signal their success in ways other than college degrees and occupations… just good, good folks. The only way to celebrate what Rahway means is to publicize it. To quote a good friend, “Through stories we transmit values, traditions, memories and identify”.
Dr. Anthony T. Palisi, Class of 1947 was created in 2006 to celebrate the proud heritage of Rahway High School and the rich history of our hometown, Rahway, New Jersey.  This is the place where old friends, former classmates, faculty, staff, relatives, and neighbors come to reconnect.

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