All Class Reunion 08
More than 500 Alumni attended
First Annual RHS All Class Homecoming Reunion
Oct 3-5, 2008
Friday – Tailgate Party
Saturday – Historic Tour of Rahway, High School Tour, Alumni Luncheon, Beatlemania Concert Rahway Theater
Sunday – Brunch




Mike Gallagher '64
Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bob Munsey '64, your e-mail address on this website still isn't working. Please contact me regarding our 45th reunion next year.

Had a great time at the reunion luncheon but it was over way too fast. I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to everyone I knew there. And I wish I could have heard the speakers but the sound system was terrible. The food was good though.


Barbara (Werner) McMillan
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a wonderful reunion!!!!! 
Nice to see old friends from school. Food was great too!!!  Thank you to all of you who put it together. It was wonderful!!!!



Elaine Bazaral Butterfield
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a great reunion!  Many thanks to all who made it such a great event!!  I had a blast!  Please keep in touch everyone! :)




Jeri Cook Jefferis
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thanks to all of you that worked so hard to bring the whole event together. It was just wonderful. 

Rich Stiso I was sorry to hear you had such a serious operation but so pleased to see you are doing well. Please do what the Dr.'s want you to do stay well.

I spoke to many at the luncheon and it was such a joy! We have all survived life's obstacles and that is why making this reunion was so special. Not all of us have made it this far. Love to you all, Jeri


Bob Sauers
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hi Everyone. Attended the October luncheon. Did not get to see and speak with everyone that I wanted to but I did leave a message on the message board under 2008 luncheon. Please stay in touch. It was such a great thrill to share some time with the RHS Classmates.



Scott J Smith '65 - Reunion Co-Chair
Monday, October 6, 2008

To all who attended...

The entire weekend was magical.  We got back to our roots and saw all those familiar faces and places.  Memories came to life and the years melted away.

John Lennon and The Beatles put it best…


There are places I remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places had their moments
With lovers and friends
I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all


I think you'll agree when I say...

Thanks for being there to make all the work worthwhile.

Scott J Smith '65
2008 All-Class Reunion Co-Chair



Jose' E. Jimenez
Monday, October 6, 2008

What a great Weekend....Thanks to all the people that work so hard to make it such a success. It was great to run around the town with my old buddy Bob Duffy - he was an idol of mine growing up.  Let's do it again. Soon!




Craig Hugger
Monday, October 6, 2008

Wow... What a great reunion weekend!  Thanks to all of you who put this amazing thing together. It was wonderful seeing old friends and making new ones. When can we do it again?  Congratulations to the football staff and players... they put a good whoopin' on Cranford.  Good luck the rest of the season! 





Charles Simon
Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a great afternoon!!! Thanks to all who helped put such a wonderful event together. To all my "63" classmates and all the other great RHS people - it is beyond words to say how great it was to see you all again!!!!!  Charlie Simon "63".




Tom Nolan
Sunday, October 5, 2008

The music is over and the tables have been cleared but the memories linger on. For one brief shining
moment (my apologies to Lerner and Lowe) Camelot
once again came alive. Those of you that I met at the reunion after so many quote another
line from a song, "I'm glad there is you."  I wouldn't have changed a thing and seeing each of
you again, well, before I get too mushy, let me just

And thank you, Charlie, for making it all possible.
I'm in your debt. 

Class of ' 61:  "Those were the days, my friends...."




Joyce Tortoriello Class of 62
Sunday, October 5, 2008

So sorry Charlie & his wife were not able to be at this wonderful class reunion......Was looking forward to meeting you guys so much.  You were start of these great events and this one sure toped it all.............was so wonderful seeing so many of the RHS people.  Time flew this evening. Always sad when it all comes to an end....just makes us look forward to the next one. Thanks Charlie and all you guys on the reunion committee that worked so hard to make this event so very successful.



Craig Hugger
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm looking forward to this weekend.  I'll be attending the football game, luncheon and of course, hitting the bars.  My cell phone is 603-566-1119, so any old friends out there please give me a call if you'll also be in town.  Stay well everyone!




Sandra Stark '65
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

'Life may not be the party we hoped for... but while we are here we might as well dance!'  I'm looking forward to being with old friends and to making new ones!


Barry G DeReamer '64
Wednesday, October 1, 2008





Karen Stueber Schall
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Looking forward to the weekends activities.  Especially the pub crawl and visiting up with friends at Butch's and the Waiting Room.  I remember that great Rahway/Westfield football game in 1970 and of course all those great wrestling tournaments.  I'll have to get my brother out to some of these activities this weekend!!



Carolyn G. Barszcz
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Can't wait to see all my ole friends and to make new ones see you soon.




Pat Eilish Bell '64
Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Me and my brothers Mike & Kevin are so excited... Just 2 days away.  Anyone coming who hung out at Stein Field.  And of course we grew up watching our parent’s party at the VFW, learned a lot there!!  We are still waiting for our sweat shirts (anyone else?)  My friend Bettie Ann Castner and I just don't know what to wear...............  see ya soon



Donna (Favoriti) Farrell & Ken Farrell
Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello to all alumni and hope to see a few of the Class of 77 around town this weekend.




Betsy O'Brien Williams
Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A big HELLO to all the gang from '62 (or close)! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

Ruth T Hardy Lambert class of 61
Saturday, November 1, 2008 
Where is everybody????  The All-Class Reunion is over, but the memories should go on forever and so should your website.  Please keep any information coming, someone out there will be interested.  Through this website, me and a neighbor, Johnny Ray, A.K.A. Puggy Hathaway, now living in Fort Myers, Fl., has been writing back and forth.  In today’s mail I received CD, of a live taping done at Fast Eddies in Fort Myers.  On the CD are12 tracks of him singing and playing his sax.  WOW!  Another Rahway grad to hit the big time.  I remember him back in the days, him and his other musician friends played at my pool parties.  Keep the cards and letters coming; tell others to get their e-mail addresses on file, if you want to be included in upcoming events.  Ruth "61"  


Ruth Lambert

October 18, 2008

Now, another thank you, to Dr. Palisi and John Ludwig.  What a pleasure to be in your company and to have been invited to take part in making history.  To spend so much more time with fellow classmates from Madison School and "61 ers" , in the making of the documentary of the 55th anniversary of Madison school.  To watch students from RHS filming, and moving all of their equipment from room to room under the direction of John.  When the students had to leave, our day was not over, Fred Sonntag put the camera on his shoulder, and the rest of the guys took up the slack.  Thanks to Jack Cibrian, Tom Nolan, Jim Majors, Harry Linnell.  I am having a hard time finding the right things to say about John Ludwig.  He came a long distance and it couldn't have been easy.  He and Anthony, had been planning this event for a long time, and its not over for them, now they have to edit almost 8 hours of filming down to something terrific.  John shows enthusiasm, vision, and when he smiled you knew that he was happy to be there, either at the tailgate party, reception and working his butt off on Sunday.  Thank you, again, to all and a Sunday I will never forget.  If I have a senior moment, I will be able to play the DVD...To my English teacher, Dr. Anthony Palisi, thank you for the memories and the nickname...."Roofy"



Ruth T. Hardy (Lambert) Class of “61”

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So many people to say thank you to…  First of all, to Sandy and Scott, and the rest of the All-Class Reunion committee; I was not there for the start of all the planning, but I am so glad that you let me jump right in and add my 2 cents, hope I added 4 cents, when it was all over.  The whole weekend was a first class act.  For me, to have been able to dress funny, and see fellow classmates that I haven't seen in 47 years, WOW!  What a Thursday night, I took an out-of-stater, South Carolina, out to dinner, White Castle.  It didn't end there, then dancing, to a country bar.  To top the night off, took him out for drinks, beer at the Waiting Room.  Hugh Edwards, thanks for the memories...



Carolyn White 60

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just want to thank everyone who made the reunion such a success. The luncheon was a blast. Rahway has changed so much in the 30 plus years since my sister-in-law Dorothy Tompkins Karns and our families have moved to Montana. Touring the old school was fabulous and when the kids having lunch began clapping as we went on with our tour, I was very touched. The Beatlemania show was awesome...never got to Shea stadium to see the real Beatles since I was 6 mo pregnant with twins but Saturday night in Rahway was a great substitute..Thanks for reminding me that even though I ache sometimes, I still can do “the stroll" with a passion. Until we meet again thanks for the wonderful weekend. Carolyn and Dot 


Estelle Wood Hugger ‘67

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thank you Sandy and Scott for a job very well done. 

Tom Nolan

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Even after week I'm still catching up with friends from way back then. I have to add my thanks to Sandy for putting such a tremendous event together.

However, I have a request to make: pictures were taken of the Class of ' 61 that were in attendance. However, the official photographer does not have it available for sale. So, may I request a copy from whoever did capture that great moment. E-mail me. Thanks.

Earl W. Sammond
Friday, October 10, 2008

Joe, after all that I never got to see you at the reunion, but rest assured I had a great time. So many classmates and schoolmates from other classes remembered me and so many memories were recollected.  Brian E., Greg S., Bunny & Wally, Rich S., Bob S, Shirley, & soooo many others. And most everyone remembered the nickname "Snake". Later on Linda & I met Bob Sauers in Bayville for a couple more drinks & pizza. The food was great, the beer selection sparse, but I ain't complainin". So many people I didn't get to see, it went way too fast. Stay well everyone & see you at the next one!



Rich Stidger
Friday, October 10, 2008

Hats off to Scott Smith and Sandy Stark!  They along with all the committee members did an outstanding job on our 2008 reunion.  It was wonderful seeing old friends that I haven't seen for over 40 years.  I sure hope I can attend another party like this one.   It was GREAT!!

Rick Pfeiffer - Class of '69
Thursday, October 9, 2008 
Thanks to the Reunion Committee for all the hard work! Had a great time at the luncheon.  Glad to have had the chance to see old friends.  Looking forward to the next one.  Open invitation to anyone visiting Lake Wallenpaupack, PA to drop by for a visit and share Rahway stories.

Carol (Rocco) Smith ‘63

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Reunion weekend was better than I could have ever imagined.   This reunion gave us the opportunity to see friends from many different graduating years which really made the entire time very special and brought back terrific memories.  Joe (Cheech); you are an amazing person  and we all truly appreciate the effort you put in to making this entire weekend so much fun..  All the best to everyone until we meet again.

Carol Murphy Hemmert

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I couldn't express my sentiments on the reunion weekend better than Bill Wietrzykowski "63".Also, if You could please indulged me in a cheer you all heard or sang in our years at Rahway High. "Rahway RAHWAY HONOR TO THEE. TO OUR COLORS TRUE WE WILL ALWAYS BE.  FIRM UNITED LOYAL ARE WE? SHOUT OUR PRAISES TO THE SKY   RAHWAY SPIRIT NEVER DIES CHEERS TO OLD RAHWAY HIGH!" I think that says it all. Thank you reunion committee! Carol Murphy Hemmert 

Bill Wietrzykowski '63

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Well, it came and it went. If you missed it, you missed the best four days of a lifetime. There will be other reunions and yes, they will be good but none as good as the All Class Reunion of 2008. From our kickoff dinner @ Pantages in Scotch Plains on Thursday night for the Class of '63 to the Brunch @ Lana's on Sunday in Clark for everyone. The committee co-chaired by Scott Smith and Sandy Stark outdid themselves. I hope everyone who attended is as grateful to you and your committee as I am for your effort. Joe Cheech.....all of 1963 applauds you and sends you their warmest put forth an effort that can be challenged by no one...thank you friend. The music, food and most of all the fellowship was five (5) diamonds. If you are petty enough to complain about anything, suffer in silence or call me. This was an outstanding event....put on by outstanding people who deserve everyone's outstanding appreciation. Thank you all.

                                           bill w.

Barbara Lippiett Wheat class of 64
October 5, 2008

Hi Everyone, What a fantastic weekend! It was wonderful to reconnect with so many friends.Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make it a smashing success, especially CK and LeAnn (we missed you both!), Scott and our fabulous tour guide Alex Shipley. Can't wait to see everyone again,

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Tom Kindre '38
Marie Luckhurst '39
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Virginia Brennan '38
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Beverly Pray '38
Olga Bobyack '38
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Lillian Zona Paulick '38
Helen Jean Mack Lewis '38
Sheila Lewis Brown
David Brown
Ann Collier Parker '38
George Skidmore '38
William & Ida Cherubini Mele '38
Elearnor Larson Hoerrner ’38             
Joe Kuriskin '39
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Kathy Martin
Robert Martin
Sarah Martin
Rebekah Martin 
Karl Skidmore
Nancy Luckhurst
Caroline Hanson 
Diana Hanson

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Paul & Majorie Anderson Hamer '44
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Kathy & Robert Anderson '57
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Claude & Gladys Friese Krasse '49
Doris & George Nagle '49 
Dyane & Dr. Anthony T. Palisi '47
Fred & Maddie Oldfield Reich '49
#6 Table Reserved for the Class of 1949-1952
Marilyn Stacy Abate Alburger '52
Joyce Miller Lee '52
Joan Cables Nadal '52
Edward Androvich ’52
Sandy Castor '51
Joy Golodner Rockoff '52
Maria & Dominic Nardone '49
Marie & Robert  Vastano '49
#7 Table Resrved for the Class of 1959
Frank Stiso '59
Carol Wanko Heckerd '59 & Guest
Patricia & Steve Yaros '59
Charles '50 & Marilyn Schaefer Mazur '59
William Schaefer '53
John Duffy Schaefer '62
Lois Schaefer Crooks '57

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Walter Hennessy '60
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Doris Cichino Beiswinger '60
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Kathy Murphy Sutton '65
William Bork '60
#10 Table Reserves for the Class of 1961
Ken & Marilyn Egolf Rocky ’61
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June Williams Crafton '61
Ruth T. Lambert Hardy '61
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Richard Stiso '61
Donna & Jim Major '62
Jim & Thyra Morf Groff '61
Jack Cibrian '61 & Ruth Dawkins '62
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Lillian Linnell Black '40
Harry Linnell '61
Lorry Linnell Sharry '62
Russ Linnell '69
Candance Linnell Kelly '67
Jeffery Linnell '74
Rob Linnell '78
Sue Linnell
Donna Linnell
Helen 'Nell' Black Ford '36

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Joyce Tortoriello '62
Mary Jo & Rich Ciborowski '62 - $500 Sponsor RICHANDMARYJO@YAHOO.COM
Joann Grablachoff Merrick '62 - $125 Sponsor
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John Ludwig '62 - $500 Sponsor
George & Michelle Morris Fencik '62 - $250 Sponsor
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Joann & John Lewis '62
Maureen & Glenn Lewis '66
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Lloyd '62 & Lorraine Vivona Garrison '64
Robert '62 & Sandra Poolet Smith '62
Patty Truppa Wade '62
Patricia LeRose Green '62
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Terry Cusumano Hennessy '62
Grace Cusumano Becker
Dan Gendel
#17 Table Reserved for the Class of 1962
Paul & Betsy Swain Hartmann '62
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Craig '71 & Estelle Wood Hugger '67
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Robert Kay
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Werner & Evelyn Werner Frey  '61
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Stephen & Noel Wolf Crawford '63
Bill Wietrzykowski '63
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Annie & George Green '63
Marsha Post '63 SLIMJAC@AOL.COM
#22 Table Reserved for the Weiland Family
Frank & Joanne DiComo Weiland ’63
Margaret Weiland & spouse
Carol Weiland & spouse
Ronald & Helen Weiland Logudice ’69
Sylvia Huff '63

#23 Table Reserved for the Class of 1963
Mary Kennedy Mack '63
Candy Faas Evans '63
Barbara Orsini Krysiak '63 609-860-9509
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#25 Table Reserved for the Class of 1963
Lou '61 & Jean Ruffini Peluso '63
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Mike & Carol Murphy Hemmert ‘63
Nancy Turner Kalt '63
Phyllis & Ira Miller '63
Ann Marie Drake Freeman '63
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Earl Sammond '63 & Spouse
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Wally Mackow '63 & Guest
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Betsy O'Brien '62
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Bonnie & Bob Pribush '64 - $500 Sponsor
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Shirley Manchester Osislo '65
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Mike Gallagher '64 & Guest 
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Bill '65 & Marilyn Conforti Koczan ’69
Larry Betty '65 
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Lloyd '61 & Carol Ader Simola '65   
Elaine Conforti Ross '67
Chris & Ed Schumann ’67
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Bill Olawski ‘65 - $125 Sponsor
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Joan Olawski-Stiener '76
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Bob '64 & Sandy McVicker '60 Munsey 

#39 Table Reserved for the Class of 1966
Robert Cardamone '66 & Guest 732-961-6209
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Alex & Robin Fedyk Shipley '66
Saralee Kreisberg Golberg ‘61
Antonio Garay '66
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Diana Regan Ramsey '67 - $250 Sponsor
Kathleen Regan Figley '67 - $250 Sponsor
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David Eisen '67 - $250 Sponsor

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Marilyn Moore Pukavich '73
Lori Moore Kennedy '71
Jim Kennedy '71
Nellie & Courtney Clarke '46
David '75 & Susan Boch Shepherd '73
Walter & Paula Peterson Braxton '69
Greg Clarke 74
#43 Table Reserved for the Class of 1974
Karen Stueber Schall '74
Lorelyn Denny Swartzel '74
Janet Buonocore Crowell '74
Jose Jimenez '74
Fran Kreisberg '74 & Louie Garay '55
Peter Karavites '74
Paula & Keith Cosby '74
John Ludington '74
#44 Table Reserved for the Class of 1978
Laurie & Darius Kwiedorowicz '78
John & Terry Peter Fernandes '78
Robert & Susan Lynne Witheridge Lasko '78
Ms. Donna Czarnecki - Teacher RHS 321-722-3010
Elizabeth Kump '72
Lillian Kump '43
#45 Table Open Seating
Waldo & Ginny Martin '63 Carkhuff ’60 - $1,000 Sponsor 
Elaine & Robert Sahs '62
Faye & Richard Sahs '61
Total Guests 439

Elks Tailgate Party Oct 3 Friday 4-10 pm Class TG
Charles & Marie Garay 57 2
Virigina Yevich 57 1
Charlie Oakley 59 1
Patricia & Stephen F Yaros 59 2
Frank Grablachoff 60 1
Elaine Murphy Tanner 61 1
Faye & Richard Sahs 61 2
Hugh Edwards 61 1
Peggy Baumann Najjar 61 1
Ruth T. Lambert Hardy 61 1
Thomas Nolan 61 1
Dolores & Eddie Ottenthal 62 2
Donna & James Major 62 2
Joann Grablachoff Merrick 62 1
Mary & David DeReamer 62 2
Mary Jo & Rich Ciborowski 62 2
Paul Meo 62 1
Elaine & Robert Sahs 62 2
Bill Wietrzykowski 63 1
Eugene J. Zombory 63 1
James R Hathaway 63 1
Joe Cerchiaro 63 1
Joseph Miller 63 1
Judy Crispell Glassie  63 1
Robert Brandt 63 1
Barbara Wheat Lippiett 64 1
Bonnee & Robert Pribush 64 2
Elaine Bazaral Buterfield 64 1
Elaine Rosko Frost 64 1
Geri Curti Ascolese 64 1
Jean Lau Kuc 64 1
Madelyn & Cliff Lenox 64 2
Patricia Eilish Scollan 64 1
Ronald Nusse 64 1
Daniel Dazet 65 1
Kathleen M. Hintze 65 1
Larry Betty 65 1
LeAnn & Charlie Knight 65 2
Nancy Lukas Podell 65 1
Noreen  Delgaudio Scott 65 1
Rich Crue 65 1
Sandra Stark 65 1
Barbara Eastman Bornemann  66 1
BettieAnn Castner Gavigan 66 1
Carolyn Gregor Barsczc  66 1
Charlie Bazaral 66 1
Leo Lock 66 1
Maria & Pete Ryan 66 2
Michael Bell 66 1
Tricia Grimes Kachinsky 66 1
Terry Sweeney 66 1
David Eisen 67 1
Diana Regan-Ramsey & Kathleen Regan Figley 67 2
Elaine Conforti Ross 67 1
Lawrence Bodine 67 1
Paul & Linda Lange Castro 67 2
Sue Baumann 67 1
Dennis Sweeney 68 1
Debra McCall & John Bikunas 69 2
James Jordan 69 1
Steve Oakley 69 1
Barb Keller-Korb Gallagher 70 1
Miriam Jordan 76 1
Ann Holt Dabney 78 1
Charles & Marilyn Schaefer Mazur (3) 50/59 3
Jack Cibrian & Ruth Dawkins 61/62 2
Kathryn Girtanner & James Santa Maria 65/63 2
Bill & Marilyn Conforti Koczan 65/70 2
Scott & Lois Mudrak Smith 65/70 2
Beverly & Donald White 67/64 2
Paul & Donna Faughnan Wohltman  68/69 2
Joe & Margaret Roselli Velotti 69/70 2
Donna Czarnecki admin 1
Joe Kuriskin 1
Kevin Bell 1
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