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RHS Class of 1965 - 70th Birthday Celebration
Class of 1965 Fifty Year Reunion
2008 All Class Home Coming Reunion - Album One
2008 All Class Home Coming Reunion - Album Two
2008 All Class Homecoming Reunion album 3
Inside new Rahway Theater
Lobby of new Rahway Theater
New Rahway Theater outside
Rahway High School 1958
RHS Alumni Reunion Cruise 9/7/07
2007 RHS Alumni Reunion
2007 RHS Alumni Reunion #2
2007 RHS Alumni Reunion Album #3 9/8/07
RHS Sports
Rahway High Teachers & Staff
Rahway - Around Town
Around Town Album #2
Class of 1938
Class of 1939
Class of 1940
John A. Felton Class of 1940
Happy Jack Felton, 19, drove up to Canada to fight in WWII.
Class of 1941
Class of 1942
Class of 1943
Class of 1944
Bob Searles RHS Class of 1944 and Joe Paterno Brown University Football Team
Martin Leone, Class of 1944. Left high school to join the war.
Martin and Arnold Leone
Martin Leone, #30
Class of 1945
Class of 1946
Class of 1947
Class of 1948
Class of 1949
Class of 1950
Class of 1951
Class of 1952
RHS Class of 52 - 60th Reunion
Class of 1953
front to back, left to right: Barbara Vanderminde Gunn, Jean Dalton Deissler, Doris Post Valenti, Barbara Harko Raftery, Irene Boris Luden, Harriet weir Caulfield, Jean Boharcsik Moceikis; Mario, Art Taylor, John Atkinson, Al Roesch, Bob Graney, Leo Santo
Above: Art, Ted, Bob and John. The headless one is Leo. below: Barb, Billy, Barb, Cyg, Irene and Rip.
Doris, Jean, Jean, Harriet and Al. And a partial Mario.
l to r: Dorothy Bilarczyk Foulks, Barbara Harko Raftery, Leo Santowasso, Walt Rodgers, Allyn Schaeffer, Joyce Koch McLean, Doris Post Valenti, John Foulks and Barbara Vanderminde.  
Thats Gloria Brooksbank with her back in view.
In May, 2005 Joyce Koch McLean assembled a group of lady classmates to complete the action of selecting the two seats at the UCAC in Rahway the RHS class of 1953 had agreed, through donations at the 50th Reunion, to sponsor. Joyce then hosted a luncheon a
Lunch hosted by Joyce Koch McLean. Doris, Irene, Jean, Mary Ann, Joyce and Nancy.
Class of 1954
Class of 1955
Class of 1956
1956 Junior/Senior Prom
Class of 1957
Class of 1958
Class of 1959
Miss Liddy’s 4th grade class, Roosevelt School

L-R top row:  Bob Bennekamper, Jerry Kennedy, Douglas Keating, Carol Sagan, Peter Hall, ?, Marty Spangle, Frank Stiso, Larry Garber, Reggie Rossi, Miss Liddy, Sheldon Cheuse, Carolyn Repacki, Jimmy F. Mu
Class of 1960
Class of 1960 - Album #2 & 70th Birthday Celebration
Class of 1960 - 70th Birthday Celebration
Class of 1960 - 55 Year Reunion
Class of 1961
Class of 1962
Class of 1963
Class of 1964
Class of 1964 Album II 45 YR Reunion
Class of 1965
Class of 1965 Album #2
Class of 1966
Class of 1967
Class of 1968
Class of 1969
Marilyn Laskowski Reed, a 1969 RHS graduate,retired from the Rahway School System January 1st after 34 years. A retirement dinner was held in her honor at Lanas in Clark (owner Peter Kowal).
95 people were in attendance at Marilyn Laskowski Reeds Retirement Dinner Jan 8th, and many were Rahway graduates.
Susan in 2006
Interior designer
Happy & married 36 years
5 children-2 grandkids 
(1 boy-1 girl)
Still cruising after all these years, only now in my new SSR in Fort Myers Fl.
and keeping up with the old gang.
Marylin Conforti Koczan 69 and Donna Faughnan Wohltman 69 very drunk at 6am at Jenkinsons in Pt Pleasant 2007
Class of 1970
John Lewis 62, Glenn Lewis 66, Scott Smith 65 & Lois Mudrak Smith 70 (7/24/07)
Scott Smith 65, Lois Mudrak Smith 70, Connie Luba Lysko 76 & Ron Barner 65 (7/24/07)
Class of 1971
Class of 1970 - 30 year reunion
Craig & Jerilyn
Marty Christenson, Carol Slonker, Joey L
Bill Losey, Joe Leone, John Solewin
Madison School Alumn
Kevin Schweitzer - Class of 1971 as he appears today.
Class of 1972
Class of 1973
Class of 1973 40 year Reunion
Class of 1974
All Class Reunion Oct 2008
Class of 1974 & Guests
Jose Jimenez, Janet Buonacore Crowell, Karen Stueber Schall, John Ludington, Lorelyn Denny Swartzel
Karen & Jose
Jose, Janet, Karen, Lorelyn, Keith Cosby
Kathy, Jose, Diane
Pete Karavites, Karen Stueber Schall
Janet Buonacore Crowell, Gregory Clarke, Keith Cosby, John Ludington
Gregory Clarke and his mom
Pete, Jeff & Gene
Jeff & Kathy
Jose and Fran
Class of 1975
Class of 1976
Class of 1977
Class of 1978
Class of 1979
Class of 1979
Clifford & Yvette
Eddie & Dina
Fabian, Mike & Timothy
Sister Michelle Angelo
Terry & Janet
Ken Lyons, Jim Kubu, Don Finer, Keith Hugger, John Bodnar and Head Coach Mike Punko after defeating Phillipsburg 23-10 to win State Championship.
Class of 1980
Class of 1981
Hey...its me!
The place for coffee on a Saturday morning.
Class of 1982
Class of 1983
Class of 1984
Having a beer and enjoying the beach at Phuket, Thailand
June 2010
Nice Kitty.. Phuket Zoo
June 2010
Class of 1985
Class of 1986
Class of 1987
Class of 1988
Class of 1989
Class of 1990
Class of 1991
Class of 1992
Class of 1993
Class of 1994
Class of 1995
Class of 1996
Class of 1997
Class of 1998
Class of 1999
Class of 2000
Class of 2001
Class of 2002
Class of 2003
Class of 2004
Class of 2005
Class of 2006
Class of 2007
Class of 2008
Class of 2009
Franklin School
Roosevelt School
Madison School
Madison School 1954-1955: Class of 65 - Mary Baker, Dennis Weins, David Davis, Joann Hinkle, Louise Russell, Carol Ader, Lazlo K., Ingrid Barth, Mary Ann Erase, Frank Della Sandro, Jane Wood, Bruce Decker. Can you name the others? Photo provided by Ingrid
Donna Gibb 1951 Ballerina on Elm Street
Christine and Christopher
R.H.S. Class of 1991
Taken 1983
St. Mary's School
St. Marys 8th Grade Graduation submitted by Grace Gurval sitting next to Larry Szabo 2nd row. Can you find Barry Fagan, Sean Dougherty, Barbara Yarush, Catherine Fava, Loraine Disney, Pam Keller, Marianne Delli Santi, Loretta Durning or name the others?
St. Marys kindergarten graduation 1952 part 1.
St. Marys kindergarten graduation 1952 part 2.
St Marys Basketball team 
around 1949/50
1942 part one
1942 part two graduation
Winfield Park Elementary
Washington School
Washington School
Grover Cleveland School
Sixth Grade, Halloween 1958, Grover Cleveland School. Compliments of Bill Koczan
Kindergarten, 1952, Grover Cleveland School. Compliments of Bill Koczan
Second Grade, Halloween 1954, Grover Cleveland School. Compliments of Bill Koczan
Columbian School
Columbian School 1906
Lincoln School
All Class Reunion Florida 2003
winfileld park
Mrs. Cohens /Miss Becks 1st grade class in Winfield School.
1st row left to right:
Barbara Keyworth, Carolyn Maran, Paul Caruso, Linda Swisstack, Unknown
2nd row:
Lois Craig, Joann Greenwall, Patty Pazaryna, Geraldine Bloodgood, Kathy Jacobson, Larry
Class of 1960 - 80th Birthday Party